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All rods built by RJC Fly Rods will carry a serial number and be registered to the original owner. A  lifetime warranty will apply to any faults arising from the manufacturing process and will also cover components used.


However, accidents & mishaps occur, in these instances we will endeavour to replace at minimal cost.

If you damage your rod, tips & mid sections will incur a £75 flat fee including return insured shipping. In the event the breakage occurs on the butt section we will quote on an individual basis due to the custom options.


We don't employ 3rd parties to produce our blanks, all our blanks are manufactured here in Wales on mandrels we own, so rest assured you don't need to ever worry about discontinued models and unavailable spare sections. Certainly in most cases if a replacement is needed it will be rolled on the exact mandrel of the original, using the exact same carbon & layup. Thus guaranteeing a perfect fitting replacement section and a rod that will retain its original action.


Please post the rod (including the broken section) back to us and we will endeavour to get it returned and back fishing asap. Do make sure it is packaged well and insured to its value.

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