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When setting out to design/manufacture a range of fly rods, our primary goal was to achieve an action that not only offered the highest performance possible but retained plenty of feedback through the handle to the caster. This inherent quality or 'feel' that all the finest fly rods possess, enable the caster to attune themselves to the rods characteristics and enhance your enjoyment on the water.


RJC Fly Rods action

All the rods in our line up will flex into the bottom third uniformly when under full load, this action enables us to produce a rod that will excel with a range of line types and casting styles. They unload rapidly and smoothly, while requiring minimum effort from the caster.



Blank Design/Technology


  •  Our own unique proprietary rod tapers/actions.

  •  Utilising industry leading high performance carbon fibre & resin systems.

  •  Multi directional fibre layup to aid hoop and torsional strength.

  •  X technology to limit energy sapping vibration & enhance recovery speed.

Ferrule Design.


You will notice that all our two handed rods are designed in 5-6 piece configurations, with maximum section lengths of 31.5" in the 14'6" (6pc) & 12'2" (5pc) models. This allows for ease of transportation & storage at home, with the added benefit of fitting straight in a travel case for trips away. The ferrule design is a key factor in retaining a smooth action throughout the rod blank with limited flatsposts. All current ferrules are tip over butt design, utilising low mass/high strength fibres at 90 degrees for reinforcing. We don't paint our ferrules and retain a carbon - carbon connection for better friction against twisting and smoother energy transfer.

Blank Finish.


All our rods will come in a natural finish. We have spent many hours perfecting the actions and are not in a great rush to slow them down by adding a clear coat or painted finish.  The finish is very pleasing to the eye and extremely durable. Plus it keeps the manufacturing and quality control of the blank to tight tolerances.

Carbon fly rod blank natural finish

Line Ratings


From the outset of development and testing, one of the main characteristics we wanted the rods to possess was to be user friendly, the nature of the actions and technology will enable the rods to cast a variety of different lines & line weights effectively. They have been designed to be progressive in taper through the middle into the butt, so by adding more line weight you are getting a deeper/easier load with more feel without lockup or hinging.  The Grams rating for each model is a range that will cover most. There are various tapers to modern day Scandi lines, with different weight distribution towards the back half of the line, which is effectively what loads the rod during a speycast. So for example a 30g line of a certain length will not necessarily load a rod the same as a 30g line of equal length from another manufacturer due to the difference in taper/line weight distribution. Add into the mix that we all possess different loading techniques, i.e. a bottom hand dominant caster will load a spey rod more efficiently than someone who pushes with their top hand. So there's simply not one line weight that suits all, and we suggest you will find your match within the stated gram windows. 


As a rule of thumb, suitable Scandi style lines will fall between 2.5-3 times the rods length. Skagit lines coupled with sustained anchor style casting 1.6-2 times rods length. 

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